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FLOP GTO is the new generation e-learning Poker platform. It has been designed to help Poker enthusiats to improve their Poker skills based on the GTO principles. With its user friendly interface, FLOP GTO allows Poker players of all levels to access thousands of GTO solutions in just a few clicks.

Available for free until 1st of June
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Instantly access any Preflop GTO Solution for NLH MTTs, Cash Games, Spins, and more.

Ever wondered what was the correct play in any given situation?

FLOP GTO will give you the most occurate and optimal way in which any hand should be played in any spot.

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Get a free access until 1st of July.

Download Flop App, make a post of a hand analysis using flop gto tool, and adding the hashtag <b>#freetrial</b>

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Access an evergrowing database of GTO solutions!
In the FLOP GTO V1.0 we cover the following GTO solutions

MTTS 9-max from 10 to 80bbs / HU from 10 to 100bbs

Spins from 8 to 25 bbs

NLH Cash Games: NL100 & NL500 for 100 bbs

No credit card required

Upcoming GTO Solutions

We keep delivering the most important solutions to make your game strategy unbeatable

MTTS 9-max 100bs

MTTs 6-max from 10bbs to 100bbs

MTTs ICM (final Table) Various Stack sizes

NLH Cash Game : NL25, NL50, NL200, NL1000 (40 bbs and 100 bbs)

NLH Cash Game : NL500 (40 bbs)

HUSNGs from 8 bbs to 30 bbs

First Land Of Poker and Michael Acevedo

The partnership between First Land Of Poker and Michael Acevedo is the combination of a high standard engineering compentencies and a deep GTO principles knowledge. Together we have the same mission to bring the best e-learning Poker experience to every Poker enthusiats.

Discover what is behind FLOP GTO

Get the “Modern Poker Theory” book to understand the GTO principles.

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