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flop PM logo light for presentation - The poker room tool you need.

The Poker Marketplace for Poker operators

We automate operational tasks, and we bring traffic to your Poker Room. Fully integrated with FLOP App players data base, FLOP PM is the new generation digital solution that every Poker Room needs.

No credit card needed

How it works

Listing of the running games in real time to FLOP App community

Smart Waiting List management

Receive players requests to join an open seat or a waiting list

Notify players located around your Poker Room and keep the games running

Manage the Interest Lists of new games requests

Maximize the Poker Revenu by using our Yield Management recommandations

Flop PM Brings Power

You have the full power

As a Poker Room Manager, you have the power to decide which game to open, and notify a qualified target based on game variants, game sizes, and geo-location. Our algorithms will do the job for you, and reach FLOP App users.

Flop PM Helps to manage your cost management

Effective cost management

When you opt-in to FLOP PM, all what you need is a lap-top. We take care about the servers and infrastructure management cost, and we guaranty 99% availability. Our support team is available 24/7 to respond to your requests.


We charge a monthly fixed fee based on the capacity of the Poker Room, and a fixed fee for every Player coming from FLOP App.

You want to know more about our princing model?

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