Tip #1 - Avoid big losing sessions when playing cashgames

October 29, 2020

Patrik Antonius

“I booked 5 wins in a row and lost it all back and more in one session after!”

Sounds familiar, right?
Well, keep reading, we may have a solution.

Many players would like to make better decisions when it comes to ending a session or managing their bankroll.

If you could always quit if you are down two buy-ins that would probably increase the quality of your life.
The majority of the players play much better quality poker when they are winning. Their decision making skill drops significantly when they are one buy in or more down in the session.

Only based on those fundamental facts you should probably quit and come back another day if you are down two buy-ins or more.

Now you will protect yourself from having a bigger losing session which might put you on a tilt and affect your other decisions in life and having a worse mindset to start your next session. You might find yourself even in a small tilt when you start to play next time if you haven't mentally fully recovered from your last bigger losing session.

If you follow this rule then poker will be much more enjoyable for you because you can play as long sessions as you want when you are winning and others are losing (and playing poorly). Your losing sessions are shorter and less painful.